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Thesis Statements

Whenever you begin to write an essay, the first paragraph of your piece should be your thesis statement. This is the section of the essay in which you clearly lay out the major points you will make in your essay, as well as your main idea. For an argumentative essay, which is an essay in which you attempt to convince someone of an argument or position, your thesis statement should outline your position and the major points you will discuss in your argument.

Thesis Examples

This lesson will provide several examples of thesis statements for argumentative essays to help you begin to write your own. For each example, you will first see the question that the essay is attempting to answer to help you better understand how your thesis should reflect your argument. These examples are limited to topics pertaining to school, but that does not mean that every argumentative essay is about school issues. Your essay and thesis might be about a wide variety of topics, but these examples will still help you write your thesis statement.

Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?

I believe that cell phones should absolutely be allowed in the classroom, but with a few restrictions and rules in place. First, cell phones give us instant access to a wide variety of information and can help us answer questions we might have. Also, cell phones can be useful tools for creating and writing, which can help students organize their thoughts and work. Finally, cell phones keep us in touch with people and are incredibly useful in the case of an emergency. By the end of this essay, you will also feel that cell phones should be allowed in the classroom.

Do you think group work is important for learning?

Working in groups on assignments is an incredibly polarizing subject. I believe that group work should be eliminated from school for several reasons. First, I feel that group work allows some students to get away with doing very little work but still receive a good grade. Second, group work doesn’t allow students to express their individuality as much as independent assignments do. Third, group assignments often take longer than independent assignments, which is time that could be spent learning more. Finally, group work can make people dislike each other, which can lead to students being teased or left out.

Is homework a good thing or a bad thing?

Almost every student everywhere will complain about having to do homework. However, that does not mean that we all feel homework is a bad thing. I think that homework is a good thing that more people should appreciate. First, homework helps keep us busy during after school hours, so students are less likely to act out or make bad decisions. Additionally, homework helps us practice things at home that we might not have enough time to work on at school. Finally, homework helps our parents and families see what we are learning so they can help us when it comes time to study for a test. You may think homework is annoying, but after reading my paper, you will understand it is a useful and important activity for all students.

Should our school have a dress code?

Our school should absolutely not have a dress code. I feel this way for several reasons. First, I believe that being able to wear our own clothes allows us to feel more comfortable at school. Also, picking out outfits is a way for all students to express themselves and show their individuality. Finally, I believe teachers will wind up wasting time enforcing a dress code that could be used to address other issues in the school. Having a dress code is a huge waste of time and energy.

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