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Switch Classroom is a completely free, video-based, online learning platform providing an unbiased, data-driven energy curriculum to teachers and students. Our curriculum is based on AP Environmental Science standards but also supports NGSS, and can be used in science classes at the middle school, high school, and postsecondary levels.

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energy curriculum

We use the power of film to deliver nonpartisan energy education. Our vision is to motivate students to learn about energy in an unbiased and objective way, engage in informed conversations, and make smart decisions about our global energy future.

Our first course is centered on College Board® AP Environmental Science guidelines, Switch Classroom is free and provides a structured curriculum that comprehensively covers energy resources by using engaging videos, presentations, quizzes and other high-level activities and can be adapted to meet the needs of each class.


Trusted Content

Developed by teachers and experts with over one-hundred years of collective experience informing students on the complex and integral topics within energy education, you can count on the lessons we provide to be unbiased, accurate and inspired.

Energy Topics

Basic of Energy



Conservation & Efficiency


Energy Equality


Hydraulic Fracturing


Natural Gas






Customized Learning

Using a variety of formats to fully engage students, our interactive learning environment includes videos, presentations, free-response questions, visual representation prompts, quizzes and more to help students learn.




Cloze Notes

Summary Statement

Data Set

Visual Representation



Bell Ringer

Exit Ticket




Online Classroom

Create classes,

assign lessons

Switch Classroom provides innovative tools and expert-driven content to enable students to think critically about energy. We have developed functions that allow teachers to enroll, track, review, and grade student work in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

Switch Classroom creates a visual, usable, captivating web-based experience to watch, learn, and engage. In addition, we have provided offline capability through download and print functions.


How it Works

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Manage your students by section or subject, whatever makes sense for you.

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Manage your students by section or subject, whatever makes sense for you.

Assign lessons

Customize what your students will learn with our fully customizable classroom manager.

Review and grade


Our backend classroom manager includes innovative fuctions to help you manage student progress and success.


AP Environmental Science

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Frequently Asked Questions


Only educators can access the teacher application. If you are interested in a preview or have a specific request for use, please contact us at

Yes. To see how a student sees the lessons, click the “preview” button above the activity title in each lesson. If you register as a student using the same email address as your educator account, you will also be able to see the student platform experience on the main menu after you have logged in.

Students can sign up on the student registration page. To access class assignments, they will enter a unique token provided by an educator. Lessons must be assigned.

Yes. We take student privacy and the protection of their data as well as the data of all users very seriously. We have taken the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines into account in developing the application. We have implemented technical safeguards to protect a user’s personal information or information provided to us. Switch Energy Alliance’s servers are configured with a firewall as a base layer of protection by limiting connections and restricting access. Servers are routinely updated and web servers are configured to minimize the risk of data exposure. All traffic is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) to keep data secure as users interact with the site.

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Switch Classroom is developed and maintained by the Switch Energy Alliance (SEA). SEA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to inspiring an energy educated future.

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